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University Library Strategic Directions

University Library Mission Statement

The University Library fosters the success of the UC Santa Cruz community by providing access to scholarly information resources, investing in dynamic spaces for collaboration and study, and working with faculty and students in the discovery, use, creation, and management of information that supports research, teaching, and learning.



Departmental Mission Statements

Assessment and Planning
The Assessment and Planning department measures Library outcomes that support the teaching and research missions of UC Santa Cruz. The Undergraduate Experience Team promotes Library resources and services that support undergraduate student success.
Mobilize people and resources in support of a library as the central, one-stop learning and collaboration experience.
Digital Initiatives
Digital Initiatives creates, delivers, and preserves the library’s and the university's digital assets and data,  We digitize materials, develop and support the library websites, and manage the digital preservation program. We develop and promote tools and services to facilitate digital scholarship and teaching.
Library Information Technology Services
The mission of Library ITS is to utilize standards, process and best practices in support of a sustainable computing platform and associated services on behalf of the UCSC Library.
Metadata Services
The Metadata Services Department facilitates discovery and access to scholarly information resources through the procurement of purchased and licensed library resources and the management of metadata and metadata systems.
Planning and Resource Management
PRM is the administrative arm of the University Library and exists to advance the Library’s mission by providing an effective resource management infrastructure.
Research Support Services
In support of the research and curricular needs of the campus community, RSS selects, licenses,  and acquires materials and provides instructional & research support services to upper division undergraduate, graduate students, and faculty.
Special Collections and Archives
The department acquires, preserves, promotes and makes accessible collections of archives, rare books, fine printing and artists’ books, manuscripts, photographs, and other rare and unique materials. The Department serves as the repository for UCSC administrative archives and records.
User Services & Resource Sharing
User Services and Resource Sharing provides access to collections and safe space for study and collaboration.