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ENVS 140: National Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy Sources

These sources will get you started exploring environmental problems and policy areas.  Take a look at the Articles tab on left for more sources.

Business & Industry Themed Sources

NAICS Tracking Codes

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes are used to track and compare data

  • Find descriptions of what's included in specific NAICS codes using the lookup forms from the NAICS Association or the Census Bureau (includes earlier code systems revisions)
  • Depending on your product, you might see these codes used to track energy data, trade sectors and production statistics 

Code System Uses 3 to 7 digits


  • Nonmetallic Mineral Product Manufacturing = 327 (Fewer digits means a broader product category )
    Cement, Portland = 32731 (more specific product, more digits)

Some data is only reported at the 3 digit level. Important to note that limitation in your paper.  (Usually just a sentence or two clarifying data only available at the broader level, which includes more than just your product). 

Large Manufactured Product  NAICS code 
Aluminum, Primary  331312; 331313 (2012+)
Cement, Portland  32731 
Petroleum Refining                                   32411 

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