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Samsung Gear 360 Quickstart

Samsung Gear 360 cameraWritten by: Reed Scriven
Updates provided by: Allen Brown
Last Updated: Fall Quarter 2017


The Gear 360 is a 360 degree camera which can take pictures, video, or even live stream an environment. The first thing to do when setting up the camera is to open the SD slot above the power port and insert the SD card that comes with the camera. You’ll need to remove the card before returning the camera. There are two main ways to use the camera, with a phone, and without a phone.

What's Included in the Kit

1 Gear 360 Camera
1 USB Charging Cable
1 64GB Micro SD Card
1 Micro SD Card Adapter
1 Quick Start Manual

Using the Camera

There are two main ways to use the camera, with a phone, and without a phone.

With the Samsung S8

The Gear 360 can connect to a Galaxy phone to take photos, livestream, and view photos in Gear VR.

  1. Start by turning on bluetooth on the phone and holding down the bluetooth button on the Gear 360 until the phone recognizes the connection. That’s the button above the power button.
  2. Install the Gear 360 app then you can choose to take new photos or view content stored on the camera itself

Without a Phone

The Gear 360 is a fully standalone camera allowing you to navigate the modes using the buttons on the device. To navigate menus press the bluetooth button to cycle through the options. Press the picture button to select and the power button to go back.


To access modes on the Gear 360 you can use the phone or the camera to change modes. Without a phone you can cycle through the options using the menu button. With the phone, you can open the Gear 360 app and click on 360 Camera to see what the camera sees in real time as well as change the mode.
Photo Mode: The photo mode operates like a standard camera. You just need to position the camera and press the shoot button in the front.
Video Mode: Press the shoot button to start and stop recording.
Time Lapse Mode: When it starts shooting it will periodically take a picture every 10 seconds.
HDR Mode: Takes multiple exposure photos and merges them for a picture without blown out whites or pitch black darks. Excellent for landscapes.
Live Stream: For this mode the camera must be connected to the Galaxy S8 phone and the livestream can be started from the software there. You can livestream via Facebook, Youtube, or Samsung VR.

Transferring Your Photos

To transfer your pictures to a computer, you can either plug in the camera using the provided USB cable, or use the SD card adapter provided to grab the pictures. The files will be downloable as a JPG image. 

If using your own Galaxy phone, instead of the phone provided in the bag, you can simply download the photos to your own device, instead of the SD card within the camera. If the photos are accessed through the Google Images app, your phone will recognize it as a 360 image, which you can pan through, using your phone or computer. 

Viewing in VR

If you want to view your Gear 360 photos in VR, there are multiple options.

  • Connecting the 360 camera to a Galaxy S8 and using Gear VR to access the pictures. 
  • Importing the photos to a computer and using a VR headset like an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift using the VR Photo Viewer app
  • Moving the files to any mobile phone device, and using a Google Cardboard to view the photos.


Gear VR and Galaxy S8: 

Connect the Galaxy S8 via Bluetooth to the Gear 360. Once connected, the Gear 360 app can take photos using your phone, or can transfer pictures you took on the Gear 360, to your S8. Once the pictures are transferred to the phone, you can use the Gallery app to view your photos. On the left-hand side of the screen, there is an option to instead view 360 photos in "Gear VR." Make sure the Gear VR application is downloaded to your S8, and you can view any photos taken there using the Gear VR headset. 

For more information about Gear VR, press here!

HTC Vive or Oculus Rift: 

To view your photos using the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, move your photos to your desired computer. From there, using your Rift or Vive to access the photo files, and view them. For the Rift, a suggested app for viewing photos is the Oculus 360 Photos App. For the Vive, we would suggest using the VR Photo Viewer. 


To view your photos with a Google Cardboard, firstly, transfer the photos taken with the Gear 360 to your desired mobile device. From there, connect the Google Cardboard device through USB. Although there are many apps for viewing the photos with Google Cardboard, we recommend using the 360 Photo Player, which is available for Android and IOS. Upon launching the app, click on the Plus Sign in the middle of the screen, to add your photos to the walkthrough.

For information on how to use Google Cardboard, press here!

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