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ANTH 139: Language and Culture
by Annette Marines - Last Updated Apr 23, 2013
Nathanial Dumas Spring 2013
Tags: course guides
Earth Sciences 104 Geologic Hazards
by Ann Hubble - Last Updated Oct 17, 2013
Tags: course guides
Film 134
by Kerry Scott - Last Updated Oct 16, 2013
Tags: course guides
FMST 112 Women and the Law
by Frank Gravier, Lee Jaffe, Ken Lyons, Nicholas Meriwether - Last Updated Mar 20, 2014
Feminist Studies 112
Tags: course guides
FMST 30 Feminism and Science
by Frank Gravier - Last Updated Mar 19, 2014
Tags: course guides
French 125: 19th Century French Civilization
by Lee Jaffe - Last Updated Apr 16, 2013
Resource Guide for "Projet de Recherche"
Tags: 19th century, course guides, french, languages
HIST 100A Digital History
by Ann Hubble, Deborah Murphy - Last Updated Jan 22, 2014
Tags: course guides
History 121A: African American History to 1877
by Ken Lyons - Last Updated Feb 13, 2014
Survey of pre-contact Africa, indigenous social structures, class relations, encounter with Europe, forced migration, Africa's gift to America, slavery and resistance, industrialization, emigration vs. assimilation, Civil War, Reconstruction, and more
Tags: 16th century, 17th century, 18th century, 19th century, abolition, africa, atlantic, class relations, course guides, encounter, european, forced migration, history, indigenous, middle passage, pre-contact, religion, resistance, slave, slave trade, slavery
History 190M: History of Children and Culture in the 19th Century
by Kerry Scott - Last Updated Jan 17, 2013
Winter 2013 History 190M course guide
Tags: course guides, history
History 190N: Topics in African History
by Ken Lyons - Last Updated Jan 23, 2014
Examines contemporary crises in Africa: the new South Africa, refugees, HIV/AIDS, children of war, blood or conflict diamonds, civil war, and genocide in Rwanda.
Tags: 20th century, 21st century, africa, authoritarianism, blood diamonds, christian, civil wars, communism, course guides, dictatorship, ethnic conflict, genocide, imperialism, islam, liberation, minerals, muslim, neo-colonialism, post-colonialism, socialism
History 190X: History of the Atlantic World, 1492-1824
by Ken Lyons - Last Updated Feb 28, 2014
Explores the transatlantic societies created by Europeans' colonization of the Americas, and their exploitation of African slaves
Tags: africa, atlantic, brazil, britain, british, caribbean, course guides, dutch, europe, france, french, gold coast, history, holland, middle passage, netherlands, portugal, portuguese, slave trade, slavery, slaves, south america, spain, spanish, west africa
History 190Z: The Long Civil Rights Movement
by Ken Lyons - Last Updated Apr 8, 2014
'Explores the concept of the "long civil rights movement" as a framework for understanding a wide range of social, economic, and political developments in the African American freedom struggle, in both North and South, from the 1930s through the 1980s.'
Tags: african americans, black panthers, black power, blacks, busing, civil rights movement, core, course guides, courts, integration, lynching, miscegenation, naacp, race, race relations, racial discrimination, racism, sclc, segregation, sncc
KRSG 25: Successful Transfer to the Research University
by Annette Marines - Last Updated Oct 22, 2013
Libguide for transfer students
Tags: course guides, transfer students
LALS 80Q: Musica Latina
by Lucia Orlando - Last Updated Mar 26, 2014
Tags: course guides
Social Documentation 200
by Frank Gravier - Last Updated Nov 2, 2012
Tags: course guides
SOCY 203: Sociological Methods
by Annette Marines - Last Updated Oct 14, 2013
Graduate Course
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Teaching Assistant Resources
by Christy Caldwell, Christy Hightower, Annette Marines - Last Updated Oct 23, 2013
Library resources for teaching assistants in all disciplines.
Tags: course guides
Theater Arts 80C: Monsters
by Frank Gravier, Lee Jaffe, Ken Lyons, Nicholas Meriwether, Kerry Scott - Last Updated Mar 6, 2014
Prof. Michael Chemers, Winter 2013
Tags: course guides, monsters, theater
Writing 2 and Core 80B Online
by Annette Marines - Last Updated Oct 16, 2013
Tags: course guides