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Using the Off-campus Access Proxy

When should I use Off-campus Access Proxy instead of the Campus VPN?


What do I need in order to use Off-campus Access Proxy?

  • Either your CruzID and Gold password, or your last name and the library barcode number on your university ID.

Troubleshooting Off-campus Access Proxy

Off-campus Access Proxy is for UC Santa Cruz affiliates

I can’t log in to Off-campus Access Proxy:


I can’t log in to a journal or database

  • You shouldn’t have to log in to journals or databases when you are using Off-campus Access Proxy
    • Exception: SciFinder Scholar - see below for details
  • Make sure you are logged in to Off-campus Access Proxy and reload the page
  • Check Cruzcat to make sure the journal is in our collection
  • Ask a Librarian for help


I can’t log in to SciFinder Scholar

  • You need a username and password to access SciFinder Scholar Web in addition to using the Campus VPN or Off-campus Access Proxy.

Register for a SciFinder Scholar username and password:

  1. Log in to the Campus VPN or Off-campus Access Proxy
  2. Go to the SciFinder Registration page
  3. Use your email address to register for a SciFinder Scholar username and password


I can’t get past my firewall to access the Off-campus Access Proxy

ITS Support Center

Off-campus Access Bookmarklet

Reload any page through the Off-campus Access Proxy

  1. Drag and drop this Off-campus Access Proxy bookmarklet link into your browser’s bookmark toolbar
  2. When you visit a journal website or find an article, click the Off-campus Access Proxy toolbar link to reload the page through the Off-campus Access Proxy

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