University Library

David Kirk Media Center

Loan Periods

  • Faculty, faculty proxies, and graduate students may check out non-reserve Media Center materials for seven days. These groups may take Media Center materials out of the library.
  • Staff, students, and community members may check out Media Center materials for four hours. These groups are invited to use Media Center equipment and study rooms but may not take materials out of the Media Center. 
  • Staff and Undergraduates may check out items from the Media Circulating Collection for seven days. Media Circulation Collection items may be removed from the library. There is no grace period or renewal on these items, so be sure to get them back to the library by their due dates.

Please return Media Center items on time. Items returned late are subject to late charges in accordance with the University Library Lending Code. Please do not return items via campus or US Mail. Items are checked in on the date received by the Media Center and late fees will not be waived because of delivery delays.


Checked out items may be renewed in person, online, or by calling 459-4508. Media Center renewals may be limited or denied if an item has been requested for bookings or Reserves.

Media Circulating Collection items checked out to undergraduates or staff are not eligible for renewal.


Students may check out Media Center Reserves items for four hours, and may use Media Center study rooms and equipment. Media Center Reserves do not go out overnight. Students may not take reserves items out of the Media Center.

Faculty, faculty proxies, and graduate students may check out Media Center Reserves items for more than four hours if the material is on Reserve for their course. If faculty, faculty proxies, and graduate students need material that is on Reserve for another intructor's course, for longer than four hours, they must obtain permission from the course instructor and mail it to or bring a signed note in-person.  Once borrowed, these items may not be renewed and are subject to the schedule of late fees for reserves items as described in the Billing box below, and on the University Library's Billing at a Glance page.


Media Billing

Courtesy Reminder:  None

Overdue Reminder: 1 Day

Replacement Bill: After 72 hours, Replacement Bill is emailed.

Overdue Charge: $9 first hour, $2 each additional hour, up to $75.

Billing Fee: $20 per item

Media Reserves Billing:

Courtesy Reminder: None

Overdue Reminder: 1 Day

Replacement Bill: After 72 hours, Replacement Bill is emailed.

Overdue Charge: $25 first hour, $2 each additional hour, up to full amount of item.

Billing Fee: $20 per item

Patron Privacy Rights

The University Library is committed to protecting the privacy rights of all library users. We do not disclose the identity of any library user who has checked out an item needed by another library user.

On occasion, an instructor will attempt to check out a title from our collection for classroom use only to find that the title is already checked out. While we can never disclose the identity of the person who holds the item, we are happy to act as an intermediary and attempt to convey the instructor's need.

The best way to ensure that an item is available when you need it is to use our booking service.