University Library



Q.    I have received library bills and would like to pay online, but I don’t see any
        charges on my library account.

A.    Your charge(s) may have been transferred to your University account.  
       Please check your account with MyUCSC or call Student Business Services.
       You will need to go to the campus cashier’s office to make a payment and bring
       your receipt back to the circulation desk to unblock your account.  
       Please contact the circulation desk if you need more information.
       My UCSC:
       Student Business Services: 831-459-2107
       Library Circulation desk: 831-459-5185 (McHenry), 831-459-5300 (Science &  

Q.    I have paid the library charge(s) online, but I still don’t have access to my    
       library account.  

A.    You need to contact the circulation desk to unblock your account (see contact
        information above).

Q.    I have a question about my library charge(s).
       I would like to appeal my library charge(s).

A.    You need to submit your question and/or appeal with a billing appeal form

        You can find more billing information on the library website.



Please go back to your library account and click on the pay online icon to make a payment.