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What Does CDL Do for UCSC

The California Digital Library (CDL) negotiates licenses and pricing for large journal, database, and content provider packages for all of the UC campuses.

Participation (contributing payments from our local collection budget) in CDL-negotiated deals affords the UCSC campus community access to thousands of journals, databases, and content it would not otherwise be able to afford to lease or purchase. 

Examples of content licensed through the CDL are:

  • Web of Science
  • SciFinder Scholar
  • Project Muse
  • American Chemical Society Journals
  • American Physical Society Journals
  • Nature

The CDL leverages the power of ten campuses to negotiate fair terms for our user communities and access to a broader range of titles than any of the campuses, including the larger campuses, could achieve on our own.

The UCSC Library contributes 74% of its permanent collections budget to funding CDL-negotiated resources.


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