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Research Data Management

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Manage your paper or data set with a unique persistent identifier.

  • Store data anywhere
  • Move data anywhere
  • Meet funder requirements
  • Free library service

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Preserve Your Content

Merritt is a repository service that lets the UC community manage, archive, and share its valuable digital content. Merritt features:

  • Access to files via persistent URLs.
  • Collections can be either open to the public (bright) or only available to account holder (dark).
  • Can handle most file types
  • Permanent storage with tools for long-term management

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Find a Home For Your Data

We can help you archive and preserve and/or share your research data in an online repository. We can also help you find data for reuse. Two common types of repositories exist.

  • InstitutionalMerritt and DASH are maintained by the University of California 
  • Discipline specific: Selected data repository directories are listed below.

Selected Discipline Specific Data Repositories

Data Ownership

Publish Your Data

dash - Data Sharing Made Easy

Use DASH to easily publish datasets and share with the research community.

  • Easy to use interface with drag-and-drop operation
  • Describe your data and have it indexed by scholarly data search engines
  • Identify data with a persistent DOI
  • Preserve data for the long-term in the Merritt repository
  • Faceted search and browse with other UC researcher datasets
  • 2 GB limit on individual file upload, with a 10 GB limit on an overall data set

UCSC Campus Services

UCSC ITS provides a range of research support services, including data backup.