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African American Studies
History 121A: African American History to 1877
by Ken Lyons - Last Updated Jul 29, 2014
Survey of pre-contact Africa, indigenous social structures, class relations, encounter with Europe, forced migration, Africa's gift to America, slavery and resistance, industrialization, emigration vs. assimilation, Civil War, Reconstruction, and more
History 121B: African American History, 1877 to present
by Ken Lyons - Last Updated Jul 29, 2014
A survey of the period, highlighting Jim Crow, militarism, Black feminism, the world wars, Garveyism, Harlem Renaissance, Black radicalism, Pan-Africanism, Depression, desegregation, Black Power, 1960s, Reaganism. Cultural and economic emphasis.
History 190X: History of the Atlantic World, 1492-1824
by Ken Lyons - Last Updated Jul 29, 2014
Explores the transatlantic societies created by Europeans' colonization of the Americas, and their exploitation of African slaves
History 190Z: The Long Civil Rights Movement
by Ken Lyons - Last Updated Jul 29, 2014
'Explores the concept of the "long civil rights movement" as a framework for understanding a wide range of social, economic, and political developments in the African American freedom struggle, in both North and South, from the 1930s through the 1980s.'