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Archival content, visual ephemera, monographs, and videos that explore food and food systems across many major disciplines. Examples of subjects covered: Organic Farming/Small Farms, School lunch programs, Childhood nutrition, Marketing and advertising, Packaging, Food industry, Environmental impact of GMOs, US food programs during WWI/WWII, Food security, Famine, Vegetarianism, Labor practices, Food safety, Wine making, Obesity, Gender roles through history, Food habits around the world and more. Go here for more information. For purchase consideration, provide your feedback to UCSC Librarians here:
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  • Archives Unbound (Complete Catalog)
  • British Newspapers, 1600-1950
  • 19th Century British Newspapers - includes 55 papers originating in England, Scotland and Ireland
  • Associated Press (AP) Collections Online - includes European Bureaus; Middle East Bureaus; News Features & Internal Communications; U.S. City Bureaus Collection; Washington, D.C. Bureau Collection; Washington, D.C. Bureau II (Library of Congress Edition)
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More than 30 current, full text news sources in English and French from across the Arab World, Southwest Asia and surrounding countries. Several of the sources have been translated from Arabic to English by the publisher.