University Library

University Library Mission

University Library Mission Statement


The University Library at UC Santa Cruz is the principal provider of scholarly information resources to the campus community.  We work with faculty and students in the discovery, use and management of information that supports their research, teaching and learning.

Goal 1: Scholarly Information

The University Library at UC Santa Cruz facilitates discovery and access to scholarly information sources for the UC Santa Cruz community.

Goal 2: Research

The University Library supports the curation of UC Santa Cruz researchers’ unique data and scholarly output.



Goal 3: Collections

The library supports the research goals of the campus community by both making available materials in multiple formats at the moment of need and by actively acquiring, promoting, and making accessible rare and unique materials.


Goal 4: Space & Services

The University Library provides physical space, resources, and services that promote student success and support teaching, learning, and research.

Goal 1: Outcome

We have highly trained staff and shared policies on the use of our Integrated Library System.  We have confidence in our discovery and access tools for library collections.

Goal 2: Outcome

There is a shared understanding and clearly defined range of data management services and digital scholarship infrastructure that meet faculty and student needs.  We also have a shared understanding of the library's role in the Academic Senate's Open Access Policy implementation.

Goal 3: Outcome

Access to rare and unique materials, especially the unusually strong collections of book history, fine press and artists' books, will be promoted by exhibits, public events and instruction.
Cataloging and digitization of primary resources on the history of UC Santa Cruz and the local region will both preserve and provide access to materials that are in high demand.

Goal 4: Outcome

We provide services based on user needs and budgetary constraints, as well as evolving technologies.